About Us

The Christian Counseling Center of the Finger Lakes is dedicated to helping the hurting people of God with the Word of God. "All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness 2 Tim. 3:16.

Herb has a Master's Degree in Social Work from Syracuse University, a Masters in Biblical Counseling from Trinity College & Seminary in Newburg, IN, and a Doctorate in Biblical Counseling from Andersonville Theological Seminary in Camilla, GA. He has more than 30 years counseling experience. Herb is married to Barb (Neno) and they have three children. They are Kasey who has three children, Jennifer who lives with her husband in Delaware with one child and Nick who completed his undergraguate degree at Cedarville University and his Masters Degree at the University of Kentucky in the School of Social Work. Barb is a Registered Nurse with a Master's Degree in Health Education from Cortland State University.

Herb and Barb worship at Bethel Grove Bible Church in Ithaca, NY. Herb believes that the Bible is sufficient for counseling and does not need the help of psychology. Read more about that in articles where he explains that in detail.